7 Essential Apps For Teachers To Simplify Their Lives

7 Essential Apps For Teachers To Simplify Their Lives

Being a teacher is no joke. So much responsibility, never enough time in the day, constantly overwhelmed – sound familiar?

I’ve been there, trust me.

Hi, My name is Olivia Anderson, a teacher by profession. I have had my difficulties in the past and sharing essential apps for teachers through my experience.

But I’ve got some really good news for you: there are amazing apps for teachers out there that will make your life way easier. They’ll help you out a lot!

Top Mobile Apps Teachers Should Use (Tested Apps)

1. Planboard

First, meet Planboard. This app lets you easily create and organize lesson plans, find resources, and make adjustments on the fly. No more spending half your Sunday digging for that worksheet or activity you need for Monday!

You’ll be able to find everything with just a few clicks. Planboard is seriously a game changer when it comes to keeping all your teaching stuff organized.

2. Prezi Video

Let’s be real – static PowerPoints don’t really do the trick for keeping kids engaged anymore. But with Prezi Video, you can make awesome, high-energy presentations in like 10 minutes!

Zoom in on key points, embed questions to check understanding, and add music – the options are endless. Your students will be glued to the screen with your cool video presentations. No more snores when you dim the lights!

3. EDpuzzle

When you need to introduce something new, EDpuzzle is so clutch. You can take any existing videos and embed questions, audio notes, and pop quizzes to make it super engaging. Students have to interact with the video to keep watching.

The analytics show you who understood the content and who needs it re-explained. Next level helpful!

4. Quizizz

Need to quickly assess if your students are grasping the material?

Quizizz is a must-have! You can create fun quizzes and games students play on their devices. It feels like a game to them, so they’ll be much more invested.

You’ll be able to instantly see who needs more help based on the results. Quizizz makes learning interactive and gives you the data you need. Pretty neat, right?

5. Kaizena

Kaizena is absolutely clutch for giving feedback easily. You can record or type feedback directly on student work and approve or request revisions with just a click. No more writing the same note 20 times! Students really benefit from the personalized feedback too. Total game changer.

6. WeAreTeachers

When I need fresh ideas and resources, I always turn to WeAreTeachers. Tons of awesome articles, printables, and advice to give your classroom content a boost. It’s just what I need when I need a little inspiration!

Feeling discouraged or doubting your abilities? Download The Teacher App for a daily pep talk to help you push through.

8. Google Classroom

There are more than 150 million people are using Google Classroom. It can be used on the browser or as an app for teachers. Google call it “Google For Education”. It can help you streamline your assignments easily. It also allows you to communicate with students, and manage students’ grades all in one place.

7. GoEnnounce

Lastly, find your people! Connect with fellow teachers in the GoEnnounce community. Ask for advice, share wins, and learn from each other. We’re all in this together, after all! It’s so uplifting.

Final Thoughts

Teaching is tough, no question. But you totally don’t have to tackle it alone! Let these amazing apps for teachers help make your life easier and more joyful. From organizing your classroom materials to making lessons engaging to simplifying grading, they’ve got you covered.


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