Job Interview Preparation Tips For Teachers

Job Interview Preparation Tips For Teachers

Are you looking for a Job? It can be in the education sector or any job. Either way, you need to prepare yourself for the Job Interview. How to prepare for a teacher job interview? we will be discussing all.

Many teachers or individuals struggle with Job interviews, even if they have all the qualifications and experience. Even an experienced teacher capable of handling a classroom full of children and school supervisors can fall apart during a job Interview. However, you can overcome this easily through rehearsal and good preparation.

Most teaching jobs have similar job formats, with different variations and similar questions. If you can prepare for the common questions asked in an interview, your interview can go smoothly. The questions asked will be about your previous work or small things about your personal life. In my opinion, try and build a relationship with the interviewer and be confident about your experience. This will give you a better chance of receiving a job offer.

What Schools want to know about you?

The school wants to know if you have the right qualifications for the position, and if you have the experience of fulfilling the position previously.

Here are a few of the things that school might ask you.

Just be prepared to answer all these questions. Mainly the question “Are you fit for the role”? Answer this question smoothly: explain to them that you can fit into the Job role and do all those things which they are looking for in a teacher.

Things you should focus on preparing for your next interview.

  • Your teaching experience – Key stages and Subjects
  • Focus on your past experiences if you have.
  • Extra curriculum activities
  • Share your classroom management skills/experience. Try to share your examples or how you handled the class even in difficult situations.
  • Prepare questions/queries for the interviewer for the end.
  • Share about your ICT knowledge and how you will use it in learning activities.


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