Preparing Yourself to Become a School Teacher

Preparing Yourself to Become a School Teacher

Working among students can be a joy for many and rewarding. Being a teacher is a career considered respectable all over the world. Being a teacher means being responsible and sharing your experience and worldly knowledge through books with the students.

However, being a teacher is a cup not everyone can hold. The Path to becoming a teacher requires dedication and hard work. In return a teacher can progress and make a healthy amount of money with some additional perks like the holidays and working less outside of term time.

Qualifications required to become a School Teacher.

The educational requirements must be met to become a Primary or secondary school teacher. The UK government has defined some rules which must be fulfilled.

  • If you want to teach at a primary school, you must have a Grade 4 (C) or more in Maths and English.
  • Following that A-Levels. You will need 2-3 A levels or something equal to that.
  • You will need a bachelor’s degree after that. The degree can be in any field, it does not necessarily have to be about teaching.
  • Then a Postgraduate degree or course is needed.

To work in the field as a teacher in United Kingdom you must have a degree and QTS (Qualified Teacher Status). The schools and academies that are independent permit the teachers to teach without QTS. But QTS is required as per the rules, and you must go for the QTS.

Experience needed to become a school teacher

Some colleges or schools might hire you without teaching experience. However, most schools and colleges will ask for the experience to hire you as a teacher. The experience can be achieved through being a teaching assistant or doing a position of cover supervisor.

Applying for the teaching positions

At Enlighten Supply Pool we offer multiple teaching roles such as teaching assistants, cover supervisors, all teaching opportunity and many other support positions including office staff. Please feel free to register today or call us on 0208 863 8630 to discuss the current opportunities we have.


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