Becoming a Teacher in Any Subject

Becoming a Teacher in Any Subject - Enlighten Supply Pool

Are you good at teaching only one subject? Becoming a tutor can be a way to make a bigger difference in someone’s life by sharpening your own skills. Being a one-subject tutor you might suffer to get more work. But you can be proficient in Maths and English at the same time, or even become an expert in a third subject. Here are the 5 steps to kickstart your career as any subject teacher.

1. Recognising your Expertise and strengths

First, become an expert tutor in the subject you know and are confident in teaching. You can choose your subject according to your professional experience and academic background. Go with the subject you like the most and enjoy discussing about with others.

For example, if you have a degree in physics and like talking about the fact and figures all the time. You should consider tutoring physics as your first subject. On the other hand, if you are good at speaking English or any other language. Try teaching that as well, helping students with their conversation skills.

2. Having a Target for yourself

Once you know which subject you will be teaching, then comes your target audience. Considering the age group, the level of academics and the need for tutoring.

For example, if you want to work as a maths tutor, you may tutor high school students preparing for higher-level tests like SAT and ACT. But if you like simplifying the equations you can target college students struggling with basic maths.

3. Get the Necessary Licenses/Certifications

Although formal education isn’t necessarily required to work as a tutor. Possessing the appropriate certificates or credentials can increase your credibility and get you more work. You may decide to pursue certificates like teaching licenses, subject-specific endorsements. Tutoring certifications provided by respectable organizations, depending on the subject and your intended audience.

For instance, gaining a certification in special education or a particular teaching methodology can give you the tools you need to effectively meet the needs of kids with learning difficulties or special needs that you intend to tutor.

4. Set up Educational Resources and Materials

Creating rich teaching materials and resources that are suited to your student’s demands and learning goals is essential to providing effective tutoring sessions. Lesson plans, worksheets, practice problems, multimedia presentations, and suggested readings are some examples of the resources you may use, depending on the subject and teaching style.

Make use of technologies to improve your learner’s educational experience as well. To enhance your instruction and provide students with additional opportunities outside of tutoring sessions, make use of interactive applications, instructional websites, and online learning platforms.

5. Promote Your Services and Build a Client Base

When you’re prepared to begin tutoring, it’s necessary to market yourself and develop an audience. Reach an interested audience by using a variety of marketing techniques, like developing an online page or social media accounts, networking with nearby educational institutions, and promoting through word-of-mouth recommendations.

To draw in new customers and show your expertise, provide discounted prices or introductory sessions. Your reputation as an experienced and reputable tutor will increase with experience and good feedback, which will open more doors for recommendations and repeat business.


You can begin a successful tutoring career that will positively influence your students’ lives while sharing your passion for learning by following to these five steps. Always remember to keep up with industry developments, improve your teaching methods, and modify your strategy according to the changing demands of your students. And If you are looking for a job in the education sector, go and visit and jobs page.


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