Roles and Responsibilities of a Teaching Assistant

Roles and Responsibilities of a Teaching Assistant

The role of a teaching assistant can be difficult for some and at the same time really easy. If you are curious about the Roles and Responsibilities of a Teaching Assistant you are in the right place.

Hi, I’m Sarah, I was a Teaching Assistant in the past, and I would like to share my experience of being a Teaching Assistant.

I have observed that the role of a Teaching Assistant is important in a student’s educational journey. As the Teacher in the classroom cannot pay individual attention to every student, you need to take a chance as a teaching assistant and fill this gap and play an important role in a student’s development. Make sure that you are very friendly, adaptable, understanding, and detail-oriented.

I know being a Teaching Assistant is quite challenging, but it can be achieved with proper guidance and experience. With gained expertise and experience, you can grow both professionally and financially. In this post, I shall discuss with you the roles and responsibilities of a Teaching Assistant and how you can succeed in this role.

Create a Friendly and Interactive Space

As a Teaching Assistant, the main responsibility you would have is to create a friendly environment for students and make it safer for them to share with you their thoughts and anything they are going through. To fulfil this role, you need to have a bubbly and easy-going personality.

The friendly space created by you makes it much easier for students to understand what has been taught. It also helps students handle the incidents they may face in and outside of school. The interactive environment also helps improve students’ imagination and creative thinking.

Appropriate teaching methodology helps you create a comfortable environment, be friendly with the students, and make the job much easier to deal with.

Be Punctual and Reliable

Being punctual helps the teaching assistant set an example of maintaining a systematic lifestyle, which leads the students to build confidence and be successful in their lives. Being punctual to the class will make your life easier, as you can be ready when the class is set to start and be prepared for the day.

Your reliable nature makes you more trustworthy and helps manage student behaviour. Reliability also describes consistency and interest, leading to your achievement as a teaching assistant.

As a teaching assistant, having these qualities sets an example of success and confidence in your life.

Be a bridge between the Teacher & Student:

Keep in mind that being a teaching assistant involves more than just interacting with students or teachers. As a teaching assistant, you must have excellent communication skills to properly connect with both students and teachers. Any miscommunication can lead to serious issues, so attention to detail is important in this role.

The teacher’s commitment helps build trust and confidence with the teaching assistant, creating a friendly channel of communication. Students should feel comfortable communicating with you about anything they cannot express to the teacher, and then as a good teaching assistant, you need to convey this information to the teacher accurately.

Monitoring the Progress of the student

One of the primary responsibilities you will have as a teaching assistant is to monitor the personal and academic development of students. Based on the group you are assigned to; you should track student performance and offer suggestions for improvement to those who are falling behind in the classroom. Additionally, you need to recognize and appreciate students who are forward academically, as this can motivate other students to improve their progress.

You must monitor the student’s progress and inform the teacher about each student’s performance. You should also be able to provide suggestions to the teacher on how to improve the performance of individual students or the entire class.

Design the teaching activities according to the Suitability of the Student

As a teaching assistant, you should be able to customize teaching activities to suit each student individually, particularly when the teacher is not present in the class. To do this successfully, the teaching assistant should be able to understand the skills of each student.

Designing a lesson plan can also lead to your experience as a teacher if your goal is to become a qualified teacher soon.

What are the Roles and Responsibilities of a Teaching Assistant?


  1. Educator
  2. Caregiver
  3. Observer
  4. Facilitator
  5. Role Model


  1. Prepare Classroom for the next class
  2. Lesson Planning
  3. Assessment of the students
  4. Monitor Progression
  5. Design Diversified activities throughout the day
  6. Support students 1:1 or in small groups
  7. Be Supportive and Friendly
  8. High Management Skills.

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