Our Mission

inspiring the next generation

Who We Are

Enlighten Supply Pool prides itself on providing a bespoke service to all our candidates and clients alike. In light of this, Enlighten Supply Pool was formed in 2010 fulfilling a much needed niche in the education recruitment market.

What we do?

We are an independent supply teacher agency which places teachers and support staff in schools right across London and surrounding boroughs.
To help us achieve a high quality of service to both our clients and candidates, we work with a set of values that every member of staff, regardless of where they work or the position they hold, uses daily to make Enlighten Supply Pool what it is today – a well established recruitment agency.

Values are very important to us at Enlighten Supply Pool

Types Of Work Available

Daily Supply

This is the option the majority of candidates choose to pursue initially. This is when we place a candidate in one of our provisions to cover absence from school due to illness or other commitments. The benefits of daily work are that it gives you the flexibility to experience many schools and a variety of locations. This will in turn give you a good taste as to what school or year group you prefer should you be offered a long term position.

Short-term Supply

This is a placement where a candidate can work up to 6 weeks at a selected provision. This allows you to gain greater knowledge and take on more responsibility of what a permanent staff member would do on a day to day basis. Duties for candidates taking on a short term contract would be more than someone on daily supply and would be responsible for planning work and carrying out the duties of a permanent employee.

Long-term Supply

This is a contract for more than half a term. Whether you are a teaching assistant or a teacher, long term supply allows you to take more responsibility for the position you are fulfilling. You will be a large part of the life of the school.

Permanent Work

Should you be offered a permanent contract through Enlighten Supply Pool, this would mean that some schools would recruit you directly from Enlighten Supply Pool.

Training courses available

At Enlighten Supply Pool we offer our candidates the opportunity to take part in training courses that can help give them the cutting edge over other candidates applying for the same position.
The three courses that are available to our candidates are:
  • Special Educational Needs
  • Behavioural Management
  • Safeguarding
All of our courses on offer are certified by a tutor from the Institute for Learning (IFL). After the course has been completed, candidates will be awarded with a certificate as proof of completion. We try our best to run as many courses as possible.

Types of positions

Believe it or not it is not necessary to have any formal qualifications for some of these positions!


We provide staff for Nurseries, including Nursery Nurses, Nursery teachers and many more. These positions are suitable for those who enjoy working with groups of young children or simply wish to supervise their own!


We provide teachers and support staff for primary schools such as Teaching Assistants, HLTAs and Teachers. Fun and exciting opportunities for those who would like to help children across the curriculum!


Alongside primary schools we work with many secondary schools providing Teaching Assistants, Cover Supervisors and Teachers. There are many exciting roles suitable for candidates across the spectrum which could allow you to teach your specific subjects.

College and Universities

For those who are interested in higher level education, there are opportunities to become teachers and lecturers.

SEN (Special Educational Needs)

Teachers and Teaching Assistants can work in SEN schools, should they wish to have a change in career path or simply want to expand on any experience they have or desire.