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What’s Being Said

"Always helpful and very professional. Signed up on a Wednesday morning…Interview on Thursday…they found me a position by Friday.."




I have been working with Enlighten since January this year and I wish i had known the organisation before now. Jason has been a very supportive, friendly, understanding person and always very professional. Another member of their team Labi is also very supportive and professional. I have enjoyed every bit of the experience I have gained from this teaching job. My joy is unquantifiable. Thank you so much for your support always, it means a lot.

"Very good service on the phone and even more hospitable when you arrive at the office…truly a great agency that genuinely cares about the needs of the whole education sector."



I have worked with Enlighten Supply Pool since 2015. It is my soul Teaching Recruitment Agency and it will be forever. Jayson, the director manager is very professional and reliable individual. He will do his best to find the teaching role you ask for. Obviously, he looks for professionalism, competence, determination and love for teaching.
Enlighten Supply Pool marked my whole UK teaching experience. I have been given different roles in diverse schools, I have been immensely pleased by his understanding, help and promptitude to find amazing teaching opportunities. I did try to work with other agencies and I must admit I was so put down and lied to, especially by Protocol Education. They ask you to wait weeks on end for their recruitment process. Jayson will send you to work straight away! Congratulations Jayson for being such an amazing manager. A big thank from me!

"Enlighten found me work so quickly I couldn’t believe it! And they are always so friendly and energetic on the phone! great service"



12TH MARCH 2023

Enlighten Supply are such a lovely agency - My consultant Jayson has been very accommodating since I have started working here and has been a pleasure to work with! The agency are attentive to your needs and are able to give you flexible work, this is the first agency I have worked at and it definitely did not disappoint.
Jayson is always on hand if you have any queries or worries and is very quick with responses - excellent manager and overall lovely person!

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