Writing a CV

Regardless of the position you are looking for, it is fundamental you have an up-to-date and relevant CV which really shows off your skills, experience and abilities.

Here are some of Enlighten Supply Pool’s top tips to creating a great CV:

You should always thoroughly check your CV for any grammatical errors. Accuracy in a CV is vital! Make sure your CV is relevant! As you are looking for a job in a school, you should focus the content of your CV on any education experience you have:

  • Ofsted Experience
  • Classroom management strategies and behaviour management techniques used.
  • Experience of working with SEN pupils
  • Monitoring, assessing and reporting on pupil attainment
  • Participation in extra-curricular activities

Ensure that the layout of the CV is logical, consistent and easy to read.  The reader will want to scan through your CV quickly. The use of clear headings, separate sections and information laid out neatly will help keep the reader interested; a CV with no structure will not grab their attention. Order your CV carefully to sell yourself in the best possible light. Highlighting your key strengths in a separate section will benefit you if you lack suitable experience but have gained some great transferable skills. Placing this early in the CV will help to make it stand out.
Present your information in reverse chronological order, with newest qualifications, work experience, etc. first.

Common CV mistakes that should be avoided:

Writing in the first person – always write in the third person, but do not use long sentences, make them punchy and to the point.  Use bullet points to keep things concise where possible.

Too long – keep your CV concise. 1-2 pages are the perfect length, only using relevant information will help prevent yourself from making your CV too long.

Gaps in your career – watch out for gaps on your CV, for example between jobs.

Once you have finished, re-read it and get a second person to have a look at it -a second opinion is always useful to ensure any errors you have missed are found by another! Don’t forget, a great CV makes it a lot easier for us to sell you to schools!