How to keep your kids active during the lockdown

With schools now closed all over the UK, you may be facing a new challenge of how to keep your children entertained in the day time. Don’t despair though, we’ve created a list of some fun home activities you can use to keep them busy and upbeat! Here are our top tips on keeping them active during this unprecedented time:

  1. Have a home disco

Dancing is a great way to keep your children upbeat and active, and fun for everyone involved! Create a good playlist with lots of your child’s favourite music (add a few of your favourites in too for your own sanity!) and dig out any fun lighting you may have. If you don’t have a disco light, we’ve found a great one here for just £7.99. Clear a space and let the party get started!

  1. Start a gardening project

If you have a garden, try pick up some seeds when you pop in to do your next essentials shop. It will give your children responsibility over the following weeks as they will need to make sure they’re being watered and cared for. It’s a good idea to choose some fast-growing plants like sunflowers, poppies and wallflowers.

  1. Create a treasure hunt

Bring your own creative side out by making a pirate’s map whilst they’re asleep and hide a few items around the house or garden. You can coffee stain and scorch the edges to make it extra special, then give them some clues and set them on their way.

  1. Teddy bears picnic

Set up a picnic for your children with all their teddy bears, make some finger sandwiches and even bake some cakes and scones for them. Lay out a blanket in the garden and dig in!

  1. Egg decorating

A great one in time for Easter – grab some eggs and hard boil them, then set them up with paint brushes and paint and let them get stuck in. You can even join in and show them how it’s done, remember to put down newspaper to avoid getting paint all over the place!

  1. Make your own cinema

Make some popcorn, dig out a family favourite film and get your children to make the cinema tickets. Line your chairs up in front of the TV like an actual theatre, or even make a pillow fort for the whole family to sit in and enjoy the film.

  1. Write letters to family members

If you have any family members that you can’t see right now due to the lock down, get some pen and paper and get your children to write some letters to them. Include some paintings for the younger children and then take a quick walk to the post box to send them off.


We hope you get some good ideas from the above – please reach out to us and let us know if you did any of these with your children! We’d love to know if they went down a treat.


We’ll be back soon with some more content for you, but for now – stay home and stay safe!


The Enlighten Team